School №1

Only by combining our efforts we will be able to restore all the buildings in need of repair.
Школа №1 м. Ірпінь, вул. Тургенівська 17
Application processing
Preparatory work
Calculation of work costs


Repair and construction work

School №1, Irpin, Turhenievska St, 17.

Work has been carried out on the dismantling and clean-up of the broken double-pane windows, window frames and door frames in Irpin Comprehensive School of 1-3 degrees № 1 of art profile named after A.S. Makarenko of the Irpin city council of the Kiev region at the address of Irpin, Turgenovskaya St, 17. Also, the window openings have been sealed with construction film, the measurements have been made and the budget has been calculated for the installation and replacement of 375 window and door structures — in the total amount of 12,117,640.00 hryvnias. (Measurements and estimates are attached.) Additionally, partial repair of the roof is needed and the calculations of material and work costs for this are being carried out.

We ask you to contribute to the restoration of this educational institution as soon as possible, as it is the main and most important school in the city of Irpin, where more than 1,000 children learn and attend.

Together we are making a common cause for our bright and shared future. Join us!

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