Together, We Can SaveHome

Only by combining our efforts we will be able to restore all the buildings in need of repair.

Our Background

We want to make for our country things we are good at, and these are constructions. But nowadays our mission is to rebuild those places which are someone’s homes and landmarks.

Before the war, the founders of our fund were working on their construction projects in Kyiv. When we understood that people lost their homes, we have decided to join
together for a grand purpose – charity fund SaveHome, which is aimed at rebuilding Kyiv and the region, and the whole Ukraine afterwards.

We are working on renovating our cities and saving our common home Ukraine. And after the victory we will continue working, raising the children, creating, developing the economy with new forces and passion, and we will always know that here, at home, we could find the support!

Now we are accepting requests in Kyiv and the region, but we are going to start the reconstruction in all affected regions. We want to live in beautiful, inspiring, and progressive country!

Let’s create Ukraine together!

How We Work

After we got the spot, which needs the reparation, we are waiting for an official request from a representative to our charity fund. When we got the official request, our specialists move on the spot to asset the scale of destruction, to take measurements and fix them. Then we make up a technical report to get the legal permission for working. After this we calculate the price of materials and work, estimate, and order it. While we are waiting for the order, we proceed to dismantling the wrecking parts of the building (doors, windows, roofing etc.).

When all the materials are here, we proceed to a main deal – reconstruction.

Why Are We Doing This

During such a difficult time, we want to unite even more and help our country and our society return to normal life sooner.

Unite society

In order for everyone to work together and to maintain morale.

Return hope

In order for Ukrainians to stay in their own original places of residence.

Build up the future

In order for people to be able to return to their normal lives.

Here is our team

Ірина Гладка

Iryna Hladka

Керівник проекту

David Demianenko

Директор ТОВ “Паркгруп”
Віталій Гладкий

Vitalii Hladkyi

Valentyn Shevchenko

Директор ТОВ “Паркгруп”
Артем Іванов

Artem Ivanov

Anatoly Perepelchenko

Олег Іванов

Oleg Ivanov

Анастасія Федоренко

Anastasiia Fedorenko

Together we are making a common cause for our bright and shared future. Join us!

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